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The word mantra has its origins in ‘Man’(Manan)and ‘Tra’(Trana). ‘Trana’ means salvation from the worldly ties, in this manner, from the terms ‘Manan’(EkUkUk) and ‘Trana’(=k.k) evolved the word ‘Mantra’. Constant chanting and meditating on Mantras give rise to Bhakti(devotion)and divine energy. Constant contemplation and meditation of the worshipped deity gives rise to divine energy and results in success in efforts and protection from misfortune because of the intrinsic energy of mantra.

Mantra reaches the worshipped deity in the form of sound vibrations reverberating throughout the atmosphere like radio waves and repetitive chanting of a Mantra gives rise to the development of a divine energy within and bestows unlimited power on the devotee. Various Mantras have the subtle energies of various deities in a basic form. As before sowing a seed we cannot see the tree, fruits and flowers but after we sow that same seed in the soil, it grows into a full-fledged tree and is visible to everyone and this tree also grows fruits and flowers. In the same manner, a Mantra is an external manifestation of the invisible deity within which after continuous care and watering grows fruits and flowers.

There are two kinds of Mantras : -
1. Tantrik Mantras
2. Vedic Mantras

Tantrik mantras are the ones we call ‘Beeja Mantras’ whereas Vedic Mantras are the ones that are followed under the Vedic system.

Every mantra has to be chanted for a definite number of times. Every mantra is a deification of a unique combination of miraculous sound vibrations and divine power of the deity and the deity we worship is the one who bestows its blessings on us and this very frequency of the underlying vibrations in a mantra brings us in communion with the divine deity.

The power of a mantra is greater than even the nuclear power and every person gets results in accordance with his own positive or negative vibrations. Every mantra has been tested and approved by our Rishis and Munis. Mantras should be chanted only with a pure heart and mind and it is only the correct pronounciation of a mantra that gives the desired results.

Mantras are such a meditative science in which only by following the proper method one can get the desired results.


1.  Have complete devotion and faith in the Mantra. Repose your complete faith in the deity being worshipped.

2.  Keep a peaceful mind.

3.  While chanting of Mantras never let your mind be distracted.(concentrate deeply).

4.  Put your complete will power in the chanting of Mantra.

5.  Never be afraid while the chanting of Mantra.

6.  Never change your place before your Mantrik meditation is complete.

7.  Perform Mantrik meditation as laid down in our scriptures.

8.  From the beginning to the end of the meditational chanting of Mantra do not change incense(Dhoop), lamp(Deepak), asana, beads(Mala) and clothes.

9.  While the chanting of Mantra keep non-vegetarian food and liquor strictly away from your house.

10. After bathing and with complete purity perform the chanting of Mantra.

11. Never use Mantra power or attainment for negative purposes.

While chanting of Mantra all these things should be taken special care of. At the same time, always undertake “Samkalpa” at the starting of the chanting of Mantra and receive its results at the end of the chanting of Mantra.