Academic Report

We get many queries daily at astrocent where people ask whether they are guiding their children in the right direction academically or just wasting their money for no use.

In astrology researches are being made in which it is to be seen what kind of education should children or oneself be provided which is of prime importance.

One of our clients who is a bank manager asked about her daughter giving 3 options: -

  • 1. Politics
  • 2. Medical,
  • 3. Any Other.

In her horoscope the position of Mars, Saturn and Rahu were such that she could enter medical line but surgery will not be good for her but politics will not be possible. Now this girl is the student of the final year of medical.

Why does the child not study? Why are there obstacles in education? The child studies but does not understand? These and other type of difficulties and whether he will be doctor engineer scientist or what will he be? What kind of education will be best for him or her?

If Mars is powerful then police or military training and if Saturn is powerful then engineering will be better for him or her. In the same manner, for chartered accountancy the position of Jupiter and Mercury should be considered.

To see all these points in academic report in astrology the position of planets, the degrees of planets and the degrees of houses and the periods of planets should be considered.

AstroCent Academic Report gives you fact of the future. Know all about your education qualification, study, academics as revealed by your horoscope and interpreted by our Astro-experts. Every possible question related to your academic will be answered through this report by our e-mail service. AstroCent astro experts suggest unique remedial measures to overcome your problems in academic life. After analyzing your horoscope in depth, we suggest effective remedies, mantra, puja etc. if required.

Academic Report

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