Astrological Articles

1 - Astrological Criticism Articles

Gochal (Transit) based Prediction::
Gochara or transit results are accorded great importance in popular astrology. Contrary to popular perception, our research has shown that gochara results are not better than zodiac forecasts, which is completely unscientific.

Numerology ::
Numerology is the study of numbers as they stand in relation to human life and events. In numerology, each number from 1 to 9 is thought to be governed by a planet. If any person is born on, say, 19th then his birth number will be worked out thus: 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1.

Copper Plate Yantra::
The copper plate yantras are not effective and it doesn’t activate, which brings the disaster of mantras and astrology to the bearer, because copper plate yantra are not prepared according to rules.

2 - Research Articles

Medical Astrology::::
The word astrology has its origins in the jyoti(light) and we are treading our path in darkness when astrology enlightens our path with forewarning that such a thing is possible in future so be careful. If we take due precaution we can avoid the trouble..

Scientific & Astrological Significance of Rudraksh::
Where by wearing Rudraksh the malefic influence of planets can be reduced it can also be used as a medicine in Ayurveda. On the other hand, we have also researched at astrocent that although Rudraksh usually should suit everyone but still it need not necessarily suit everyone

Two Person Born at same time with different destinies::::
When our institute was teaching astrology to some students then one day a student asked, " Guruji, if a child is born in the Krishna Nagar of Delhi and the other in Rohini at the same time what will be the difference?"

Special approach of MatchMaking ::::
There are the two vital factors in the matching of groom and bride horoscopes.
1 – If the bride & groom are Manglik or not?
2 – How many points (gurna) they are getting, above 18 to 36. Whereas there are 8 main points related to these points (gurna).

3 - Vedic & Tantrik Yantra Articles

Value of Energising::::
In the astrology, the energies have unique significance like if we keep any articles in our home like images of Ganpati or Nataraja

Shree Yantra on Bhoj Patra ::
Shree Yantra is use for the purpose of gaining money and fortune. Shree Yantra is prepared in the night of Deepawali (Mahanisha) with the help of auspicious prepared ink and auspicious pen (Kalam).

Baglamukhi Yantra on Bhoj Patra :
If someone is in trouble because of his opponents or enemies or is involved in litigation or there is any other kind of opposition then to overcome and crush the opposition Baglamukhi yantra is prepared and by wearing it one gets rid of these difficulties

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