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Lajawart Lapis Lauzil

Semi Precious gemstone Lapiz Lauzil associated to planet Dragon's Tail, Lapiz Lauzil is a Semi Precious stone and recommended to remove the ill effects of Planet Dragon's Tail (Ketu). Lapiz Lauzil also known as Lajawart. " We found in our research, Lapiz Lauzil is one of best remedy for Kaal Sarp Yoga. It is highly recommended for thoese people facing obstacles in their life due to Kaalsarp Yoga (One of worst Yoga in Horoscope).

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General Characterstics of Lapiz Lauzil (Lajawart) ::

Planet Dragon's Tail (Ketu)
Color of the Lapiz Lauzil (Lajawart) Dark Blue with Gray Spots.
Best remedy for people those who have "Kaal Sarp Yoga" in their Horoscope.

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Lajawart Lapis Lauzil
( Delux Qulity)
Rs.500   |   $ 7.69
( Economy Range)
Rs.200   |   $ 3.08
Lapis Lazuli in Silver Pendent
Rs.3800   |   $ 58.44
Lapis Lazuli in Silver Pendent
Rs.3800   |   $ 58.44