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Ten Mukhi Rudraksh

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha bead represent Lord Janardhana (Vishnu) the protector of Mankind. One can get all blessings of ten incarnations (Avtars) of Lord Vishnu by wearing Ten Faced Rudraksha. It grants safeguard from all negative persuades like ghosts, spirits, souls, malefic Planets. The wearer protected from all type of attacks from weapons. It has great importance in spiritual field. It also strengthens the body and the mind and improves memory while adding efficiency. Ten Mukhis Rudraksh is also known to increase patience and forbearance.

AstroCent provide genuine and pure Energised Ten Mukhi Rudraksh.

Astrocent provides energised (shudh or praanpratishthit) rudraksh.

Ten Mukhi Rudraksh
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