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Surya Puja (Anushthana)

Sun or Surya is considered to be the most powerful planet in astrological parlance as any planet placed with it gets combust. On the other hand, whenever Rahu or Ketu comes at 14 degrees from the Sun a solar eclipse occurs around New Moon (meaning Rahu or Ketu eclipse the Sun).

In astrology, the Sun represents royalty, red coral, red cloth, ruby, father and gold among other things. In Medical astrology, the Sun rules head and brain among body parts and boils, pimples and fever among diseases.

The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo. The sign of its exaltation ( Uchchasth) is Aries and the sign of its debilitation ( Neechasth) is Libra.

As based on the horoscope the malefic or benefic effect of the Sun is determined astrologically mars ( and not merely on the basis of exaltation or debilitation because under certain conditions even a debilitated Sun can give beneficial effects whereas based on its position and degrees in the horoscope even an exalted Sun can sometimes give malefic effects. For instance, an exalted 10th lord Sun in the 6th house in the sign of Aries for Scorpio Ascendant (lagna) natives it gives negative results but its minute position as per degrees is also to be taken into consideration before arriving at any conclusion as per our Astro Research. 

As we have explained in our astrology research article " What is Mantra" Mantras can be classified under two broad categories: -

1. Tantrik Mantras ( Beeja Mantras)
2. Vedic Mantras

Therefore, chanting of Tantrik or Vedic Mantra of the concerned planet 1,25,000 times or its half, 62,500 times reduces the malefic effects of that planet. In Panchangas, this number of times for the chanting of mantra for the Sun is given as 7,000 when by chanting only 7,000 times the Mantra of the Sun nothing substantial can be achieved and it is 1,25,000 times chanting alone which can give proper results.

The Tantrik Mantra of the Sun: -

"Om Hraang Hreeng Hroung Sah Suryay Namah"

The Vedic Mantra of the Sun: -

Om Akrishnen Rajsa Vartmano Niveshayanm Amritam Martyanya
Hiranyayen Savitarathenadevo Yaati Bhuvanani Pashyan Suryay Namah

Surya Puja (Anushthana)
125000 Times
Rs.21000   |   $ 322.96
62500 Times
Rs.11000   |   $ 169.17
31250 Times
Rs.6000   |   $ 92.27