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Kaalsarp Puja

What is Kalsarp Yoga :

Our "Astrological Research Centre" ( ARC) has given a research article on its article section titled " Misconceptions regarding Kalsarp Yoga" in which we have explained false concepts in relation to Kalsarp Yoga. Kalsarp Yoga is believed to exist when all the planets in the horoscope are placed in between Rahu and Ketu. But there is widespread confusion even in this regard that whether Kalsarp Yoga is given rise to because of all the planets being placed between Rahu and Ketu or Ketu and Rahu. As it is well known that Rahu and Ketu always move in a retrograde fashion and it is also believed Rahu is the mouth and Ketu is the Tail. Going still further, as it is mouth which is used to swallow anything therefore by virtue of Rahu being the mouth when planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu Kalsarp Yoga is given rise to.

In our research article,
 "Misconceptions regarding Kalsarp Yoga" we have explained that how people undertake three different kinds of solutions which are ineffective.

Our institute Astrological Research Centre performed its special Kalsarp Yoga Mantra anushthana ( japa) and found it to be effective. The person who has complete Kalsarp Yoga needs 1,25,000 times chanting of Kalsarp Yoga Mantra anushthana ( japa) and "lapis" stone is also recommended. The person who has one or two planets outside of Rahu-Ketu is believed to have partial Kalsarp Yoga in which 62,500 times chanting of Kalsarp Yoga mantra anushthana ( japa) and " lapis" stone is also recommended.

After performing these two solutions the negative effects of Kalsarp Yoga are believed to be reduced.

Kaalsarp Puja
125000 Times
Rs.21000   |   $ 322.96
62500 Times
Rs.11000   |   $ 169.17