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Durga-Saptashati Puja

This year, the auspicious period of Navratras, which period sacred rituals are observed to seek the divine grace of Goddess Durga. It is the most exalted practice of Ambastuti which holds the place of pride amongst sacred practices recommended for this period which is supposed to be invested with the power to fulfill all the wishes of the worshipper even in this unworthy age of Kaliyuga. 

Undertaking Durgasaptashati Patha (divine recitals of Durgasatashati, composed of 700 hymns dedicated to Goddess Durga) is supposed to destroy fear and the devotee is blessed with a benevolent mind. Chanting sacred hymns of Durgasatshati is also believed to eliminate poverty and free the devotee of all the sorrows. 

The Goddess of Durga is described as Sarvaswarupa (the one with every kind of form), Sarveshwari (the one who observes the function of all) and is possessed of all the divine powers and attributes. Goddess Durga can destroy all the illnesses and physical maladies of her devotee. 

Goddess Durga has 108 divine names and merely remembering which or chanting the holy names can remove all the sufferings and bless the devotee with wealth and prosperity. 

The divine principle of Goddess Durga is supposed to manifest in nine rupas (forms) suring the auspicious period of Navaratras (the auspicious period of nine divine nights) and these divine forms are deified as Navdurga (nine divine manifestations of Durga) which are ascribed these divine names:

1. Shailputri, 2. Brahmacharini, 3. Chandraghanta, 4. Kushmanda, 5. Skandamata, 6. Katyayani, 7. Kalaratri, 8. Mahagauri, 9. Siddhidatri. 

Our ancient scriptures lay down that remembering 108 divine names of Goddess Durga and chanting sacred hymns of Durgasaptashati achieves freedom from suffering and is bestowed with happiness and prosperity. 

On this auspicious occasion of Navratras, Astrological Research Centre is offering the divine Durgasatashati Patha for its esteemed clients and interested people may contact us for the same.

Durga-Saptashati Puja
Durga Saptashati Puja (Anushthana) Price :
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