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Manik Ruby

Precious gemstone Ruby is used to remove the ill effects of Planet Sun. Astrocent after deep study and research on precious stones recommend these as one of best remedy. It is one of best remedy to overcome obstacles in life due to planet Sun or Surya. It is also known as Manik. It is associated to planet Sun, which is the supreme power of the Solar System.

Sun is the lord of sign Leo in Indian Astrology. It is recommended to wear if native face any problem due to ill effects of Sun (Surya) Planet in Horoscope.

We provide genuine, best quality, completely furnished and guaranteed Ruby in affordable price or in different range.

Manik Ruby
Delux Qulity
Rs.8000   |   $ 123.03
Medium Quality
Rs.2500   |   $ 38.45
Economy Range
Rs.400   |   $ 6.15
Ruby in Copper Pendent
Rs.4800   |   $ 73.82
Ruby in Silver Pendent
Rs.5000   |   $ 76.89
Ruby in Ashtdhatu Pendent
Rs.5250   |   $ 80.74